Our Areas of Expertise

We have extensive experience in working across a wide range of agriculture and livestock sectors. Our strength in these sectors derives from a clear understanding of the issues at the ground level, awareness about the latest developments in these sectors in Tanzania and other countries, which enable us to identify efficient solutions based on interaction with all stakeholders. Our work emphasizes issues of inclusiveness, sustainability, and role of women in agriculture and allied activities. Our areas of specialization include:

Addressing Issues in Field Crop Production

  • Increase productivity by enhancing access to quality inputs – seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides.
  • Provide information regarding modern techniques of farming using new methods of information technology – computer, mobile interface, etc.
  • Strengthen marketing practices/systems.
  • Use of information technology for market information.
  • Analytical support to policy issues – Minimum Support Price, Public Distribution systems, food security issues.

Horticultural Crops – strengthening traditional and modern value chains

  • Enhance production/ productivity by ensuring access to quality inputs and production technology.
  • Provide information regarding the selection of varieties and modern package of practices.
  • Efficient practices Post Harvest Management for minimizing losses – including practices for harvesting, packaging, and transport.
  • Explore options for developing infrastructure for post-harvest management and processing.
  • Provide marketing information and developing linkages with buyers/processors.
  • Develop modern value chains and upgrade traditional value chains to meet the requirements for processing, exports, and organized retailing through supermarkets.
  • Cluster development for specific regions/crops.
  • Modernizing infrastructure of wholesale markets.
  • Use of modern ICT for enhancing information flow through the chain.
Support to Organic Farming Sector
Support to Organic Farming Sector
  • Recognizing the role of women in organic farming.
  • Opportunities for the inclusion of small, poor, and marginal farmers.
  • Development of a sustainable supply chain.
  • Supporting certification of organic produce including grower group certification. Page 6
  • Supporting the harmonization of the regulatory framework to facilitate the trade of organic products.
Strengthen Dairy farming – Small scale and Large Scale Operations
  • Support for small scale dairy farming.
  • Enhance access to veterinary services.
  • Providing extension information regarding the management of dairy animals.
  • Provide support and necessary inputs for breed development.
  • Develop linkages for access to finance for the purchase of dairy animals.
  • Strengthen milk marketing channels by increasing transparency in milk pricing.
  • Ensure the quality of milk.
  • Support to modern large scale dairy farming operation.
  • Setting up modern large-scale dairy farms by the corporate sector.
Semi/Commercial Poultry Farming (Broiler and Layer
  • Promotion of semi-commercial broiler farming as a livelihood option.
  • Opportunity for women to manage semi-commercial or small scale poultry operations.
  • Availability and accessibility of veterinary services for semi-commercial or small-scale poultry farming.
  • Success and sustainability of semi-commercial or small scale poultry farming operations.
  • Fluctuations in the price of feed.
  • Availability of required inputs in rural/interior areas.
  • Strengthening channels for Marketing of birds/eggs.
  • Policies/issues related to contract farming in poultry.
Development of Backyard poultry sector
  • Importance of backyard poultry in rural livelihoods – linkages with issues are rural incomes, nutrition and women empowerment. Page 7
  • Enhance access to veterinary services, prevention of diseases.
  • Issues regarding production, distribution, and supply of backyard poultry birds.
  • Provide support to initiatives of the government sector, donor agencies, and NGOs for development of backyard poultry

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