Tanzania farmer’s productivity and Development Organization (TAFAPDO) is a private sector-based organization that advocates for the growth and competitiveness of the agribusiness sector in Tanzania. Since its inception in 2015, TAFAPDO has been an effective voicing platform for producers, traders, exporters, and processors of agriculture and livestock products mainly; spices, bananas, fruits and poultry. The Organization defends the interests of industry stakeholders and acts as a farmer’s ag-space that amplifies creativity, innovation, good agriculture practices, good manufacturing practices & entrepreneurship while nurturing applied research for budding scholars, food scientists,  & business analysts, as well as catalyze mentorship & apprenticeship for policy implementation

Our research strategy is geared towards sound agriculture practice; researches for integrated technologies in sustainable agriculture and management of the natural resources are conducted to improve yields, protect the environment, and improving farmer’s living standards.

Our objective is to foster and encourage the growth of agriculture and related agribusiness in a sustainable way.


Organized Groups

Members Average Land (Acre)

TAFAPDO is a two pronged organization it has an NGO arm that allows it to engage development partners to support spices i.e ginger,cardamon and cinnamon farmers in Tanzania and it has a commercial arm as well. The commercial organization acts as an aggregator and collects, markets and sells spices from its member farmers.

The aspiration for TAFAPDO is to become the main source of organic ginger in Tanzania. They provide knowledge on production, post-harvest management and access to buyers in Europe and are hence quite enthusiastic about the agribusiness projects and partnering with the NABC Spice and Poultry Impact cluster to develop the spices and poultry value chain in Tanzania.

TAFAPDO PRODUCTS LTD providing complementary industry logistics, retail, and other market access services.

TAFAPDO an organization brings together a unique set of activities and services that integrate agribusiness and social investment strategies that achieve both business and human development advancements(‘Promote farmers to improve their living standards’).


Agribusiness incubation of youth-led businesses through agribusiness bootcamps


Supporting micro-enterprises in agribusiness through business development services


Supporting micro-enterprises in agribusiness through business development services


The development of appropriate and new technologies through participatory approach.

This is done together with industry experts, development partners, government bodies and agricultural producer using a blended learning approach.